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Your Referral Generator Curriculum
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  • 8 Power-Packed Modules​- All battle-tested and proven to generate referrals
  • 10 Industry Focused Seminars - All designed to get you generating referrals and building a business that you love
  • 60 Short Training Videos​- Each with a clearly defined action step you can take to grow your business
  • Private Group Membership - For inspiration, networking and accountability
  • Weekly Q & A Sessions -  Workshop your ideas, ask questions, achieve 100% focus and clarity
The 8 Modules Explained
Module #1: Unleashing Your Unique Power
Value $325
Identify and get rid of any limiting beliefs. Sink deeply into the qualities and characteristics that make you unique. In this powerful module you'll go through a proven process that will help you stand out from your competition and draw your ideal referrals partners  towards you.
  • Think differently
  •  Embrace your own uniqueness
  • Unlock the Full Power of Social Media
Module 2: Extreme Facebook Profile MakeOver
Value $325
Previous clients have generated 30-40 plus referral conversations from this module alone. Learn how to transform your Facebook Profile so that it stimulates conversations and welcomes people into a deeper relationship with you as a human being and as a Professional. 
  • Generate conversations
  • Create active referral partners
  • Establish your personal brand
Module 3: Identify and Attract Your People Now 
Value $325
Appealing to everyone is a recipe for failure. In this module we'll unlock Facebook's CRM and help you access its power.  You'll identify 5-6 different streams of people who belong at the dinner table of your brand. These are your people, and they will consistently bring you referrals.
  • Know your audience
  • Unlock the potential of Facebook's CRM
  • Create a unique content footprint
Module 4: Supercharge Your Engagement
Value $325
The whole purpose of social media engagement is for you to get the attention of, then engage and then finally generate referral partners.In this powerful module you'll get access to our engagement funnel and a 6 posts/week strategy that will deepen engagement and generate referrals fast.
  • Triple your engagement
  • Engage more by doing far less
  • Have a sustainable content strategy
Module #5: Make New Connections Fast
Value $325
Referral generation is all about knowing the right kind of people - your people. In this module you'll learn how you can grow your sphere of influence as quickly and authentically as you like with our battle-tested and proven strategies. Also learn how to quickly and easily purify your sphere.
  • Make new connections quickly
  •  Grow 5-10 new relationships each day
  • Purify your friends list
Module 6: Making Sure You Always Win
Value $325
Social Media channels are constantly being refined by their creators. If you are trying to game the system, one change could ruin everything. What never changes are the relational goals and purposes of the social space. In this critical module you'll learn how to future proof your presence.
  • Understand the algorithms and win
  • Boost your success by another 200%
  • Future proof everything
Module 7: Generate
Conversations All The Time
Value $325
Generate a massive number of referral conversations with this module. You'll take our own unique referral generating methods and make them your own. This module has seen clients triple their referral business in a very short time as it helps them create active referral partners quickly.
  • Generate referral conversations at will
  • Create active referral partners
  • Talk more. Sell more
Module 8: Your Efficient Referral Generation System
Value $325
Imagine if referral generation could be as natural as breathing? It can be. In this module you'll take all that you've learned and you'll develop your own streamlined, natural, authentic, fun process. You'll have a referral generating system that is massively successful.
  • Create a well-oiled referral generating machine
  • Systemize, batch and outsource correctly
  • Make marketing fun
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Lifetime Access to Coaching
Every person who registers for our Facebook Referral Generator Training gets access to lifetime coaching with one of our expert trainers. This involves unlimited chat support via our Private Group and access to two group coaching calls per week where we can problem solve, provide accountablity and inspire you to keep generating referrals.

The Perfectly Engineered Training

You need more than great content and strong teaching, the environment you are in is critical. Feeling like you are on your own is a common stumbling block for people in commission orientated industries

We’ve worked hard to develop trainings where you are surrounded by others who desire the same success. You don't need to be on your own anymore.
(i) Proven Process

Through 1000’s of hours of workshopping, testing and trying new strategies we’ve turned the “gray and blurry art” of referral generation through social media into a defined science. No more guess work. - we'll show you exactly how to grow your business relationally.
(ii) An Innovative Paradigm

We’ve developed a completely new way for people in real estate to think about business and Social Media. For many of our members it’s like taking blinkers off their eyes. The change in how you will think about referral generation and social media will happen in the first week.
(iii) An Inspiring Community

Success by yourself is a difficult thing to achieve. As a student you will join a large number of other relationship centric professionals who will encourage you and inspire you.
(iv) Expert Mentorship

As a member of our trainings you will have 24/7 access to Expert Trainers Geoff Talbot via Facebook Chat, weekly Q & A and regular Live Trainings.

We have close to 50 Five Star Reviews for our trainings and programs. Here is just a sample
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