The Facebook Referral Generator
The Premium Facebook System for Real Estate Professionals and Commissioned Agents
Included in Your 12-Week Training
All designed to help you unlock the power of facebook and get you generating referrals now
  • 12 Power-Packed Modules​- All battle-tested and proven to generate referrals -  work at your own pace and in your own time.
  • Content Libraries - Use our content to boost your engagement. Our libraries are packed with proven and tested content
  • Live Workshops and Coaching for 12-Months - Available every week - for you to get personal one-on-one attention
  • Stylish Workbook ​- Work through each module and take notes using the stylish workbook that is packed with great worksheets.
  • Private Group Membership - Join hundreds of other students for accountability, idea sharing and more.
  • Unlimited Chat Support -  Workshop your ideas, ask questions, achieve 100% focus and clarity
Success Stories of Current Students
Challenge: Wanted to grow but did not want to buy leads. Also wanted to keep his wife happy.

Solution: Registered for the training

Results: Generated $25K worth of commission in the first 10 days of the training
Challenge: To break through her ceiling of 16 transactions/year and around $5 Million worth of production. Also going through a major life transition.

Solution: Joined the training

Results: Generated over $150K in additional commisssion from the training
Challenge: New to his area and was not connected to many local people

Solution: Signed up for training

Results: Connected with 1200 local people with our methods. Consistently generates 100's of comments on each Facebook posts and has mastered video.
Become a Case Study Member in August and Save
Only $3900
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Three Payments of $597
Your 12-Week Curriculum
Module #1: 
Boost Engagment
Value $325
  • Get great content
  • Boost engagement
  • ​Generate conversations
Module #2: 
Attract New People
Value $325
  • ​Grow your sphere
  • Talk to new people
  • ​Book appointments
Module #3: 
Inspire Referrals
Value $325
  • ​Find your partners
  • ​Get connected
  • ​Inspire referrals
Module #4: 
Identify Your People
Value $325
  • Make strong choices
  • Identify your people
  • ​Clean up your sphere
Module #5: 
Find Your People
Value $325
  • ​Add new people
  • Create resonance
  • ​Find new business
Module #6: 
Welcome Them
Value $325
  • ​Welcome new people
  • Make it real fast
  • ​Get new referrals
Module #7: 
Your Brand
Value $325
  • ​Find your unique brand
  • ​Focus your content
  • ​Get people talking 
Module #8: 
Content Strategy
Value $325
  • ​Get a posting strategy
  • Turn over the algorithms
  • ​Develop a system
Module #9:
Find Your Voice
Value $325
  • Find your power
  • Create great content
  • ​Establish your uniqueness
Module #10: 
Make It Real
Value $325
  • ​Get loads of conversations
  • Move people offline
  • ​Always be talking
Module #11: 
Scale with Events
Value $325
  • ​Create Facebook events
  • ​Work one to many
  • ​Scale your time
Module #12: Create Partnerships
Value $325
  • ​Lifelong referral partners
  • ​Business hustles for you
  • ​Always be growing
The Perfectly Engineered Training

You need more than great content and strong teaching, the environment you are in is critical. Feeling like you are on your own is a common stumbling block for people in commission orientated industries

We’ve worked hard to develop trainings where you are surrounded by others who desire the same success. You don't need to be on your own anymore.
(i) Proven Process

Through 1000’s of hours of workshopping, testing and trying new strategies we’ve turned the “gray and blurry art” of referral generation through social media into a defined science. No more guess work. - we'll show you exactly how to grow your business relationally.
(ii) An Innovative Paradigm

We’ve developed a completely new way for people in real estate to think about business and Social Media. For many of our members it’s like taking blinkers off their eyes. The change in how you will think about referral generation and social media will happen in the first week.
(iii) An Inspiring Community

Success by yourself is a difficult thing to achieve. As a student you will join a large number of other relationship centric professionals who will encourage you and inspire you.
(iv) Expert Mentorship

As a member of our trainings you will have 24/7 access to Expert Trainers Geoff Talbot via Facebook Chat, weekly Q & A and regular Live Trainings.

We have close to 50 Five Star Reviews for our trainings and programs. Here is just a sample
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